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Welcome to the world of Maison Bergerat, a luxury and lifestyle brand that embodies elegance, creativity and innovation. Maison Bergerat wants to be a reference in the world of Twin NFT, revolutionizing art and fashion with its unique products and its collaborations with major brands in the sector.

Bergerat draws its inspiration from the rich history and beauty of the world around it, combining tradition and modernity. Its aesthetic signature is distinguished by unique creations that break with the minimalist dogma, testifying to exceptional know-how and meticulous attention to the smallest details.

Each NFT is associated with a virtual avatar on the OpenSea platform and one or more corresponding real objects, equipped with an NFC to authenticate it. This symbiosis between digital art and the material world reflects our commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity and providing our customers with new and memorable experiences.

At the heart of a distant and mysterious realm, lost in the mists of time, lies an artifact of unimaginable power: the Dark Egg. This legendary object, shrouded in shadows and mystery, is protected by a fearsome guardian, a ruthless demon named Morvulkrath.

The Dark Egg is the source of an ancient and unfathomable magic, capable of shaping the forces of nature and twisting realities themselves. It is said that whoever manages to unlock the secrets of this dark egg can summon immense powers, dominate the elements and reign over darkness.

Morvulkrath, the protective demon, watches over this artifact relentlessly, preventing anyone from approaching or attempting to seize the Dark Egg. Its razor-sharp claws, poisonous fangs, and giant bat-like wings are all deadly weapons at this hellish creature's disposal.

Moon Eggs

Welcome to the fascinating world of Maison Bergerat's first Collection, an exclusive series of Twin NFTs revolutionizing the interaction between the digital and physical world. Each NFT in this one-of-a-kind collection is not only a virtual avatar on the OpenSea platform, but also linked to a real object corresponding to it. Thanks to NFC technology, the authenticity of each object is ensured, thus creating an unprecedented connection between the digital and material world.

We are proud to present the first series of this innovative collection, consisting of ten eggs and their receptacles. Each piece is strictly unique, reflecting the uniqueness of the creations and the commitment of the AFS Collection to offer rare and precious works of art.

This first category is only the beginning of the adventure. The AFS Collection will soon be complemented by other series in collaboration with renowned brands and artists. Expect to be dazzled by the future works of art and exceptional collaborations that will enrich this avant-garde collection.

Immerse yourself in the immersive experience of the AFS Collection and discover the perfect alliance between digital art and material art, while exploring the endless possibilities offered by the Twin NFTs. Don't miss the opportunity to own a coin from this first series, as they could become highly sought after collector's items...

Mint scheduled for October 2023

Available for purchase on Opensea

In the depths of an enchanted kingdom, where light and darkness fight an eternal battle, lies a priceless treasure: the Egg of Light. Once upon a time, this sacred artifact radiated its benevolent glow over the lands, bringing peace and prosperity to its inhabitants. However, one fateful day, the balance was shattered by a ferocious red-eyed demon named Zarkathor.

Zarkathor, driven by jealousy and hatred, stole the Egg of Light and plunged it into darkness. The sacred star, which embodied hope and purity, was defiled by the evil claws of the demon. From then on, Zarkathor began to haunt the distant lands, spreading terror and darkness over kingdoms once blessed with light.

The Egg of Light, now a prisoner of demonic forces, was kept in a dark lair, hidden from mortal eyes. Legends say that this egg, which still carries within it a spark of light, is capable of restoring harmony and peace if ever freed from the grip of Zarkathor.

In an enchanted world where the forces of good and evil clash in a bitter struggle, a legendary enchantress watches over an artifact of immeasurable power: the Egg of Power. This mythical figure, known as Ariandel, is an unwavering ally of pure beings and a formidable adversary to evil creatures that threaten the lands.

The Egg of Power is a treasure of inestimable value, endowed with the ability to control the living and influence the course of events. Ariandel, having tamed the energy of this egg, uses its powers to maintain the balance between the forces of light and darkness.

Always surrounded by faithful and devoted animals, the enchantress benefits from their obedience and unwavering support. From majestic wolves and birds of prey to winged horses and fantastic creatures, all answer Ariandel's call and lend him a hand in his quest to protect the world against the forces of evil.

In her secret abode, nestled in the heart of an enchanted forest, Ariandel watches over the Egg of Power, whose twinkling glow illuminates the place with a magical aura. Its walls are decorated with frescoes recounting the exploits of the enchantress, while plants with healing properties and sources of pure water testify to the vital force that emanates from the Egg of Power.

Beyond the heavens, where clouds and stars meet, lies an extraordinary realm, sanctuary of winged creatures and celestial beings. This world, known as the Upper Realm, is a paradise for majestic birds and fire dragons, which fly freely among the skies, under the protection of a mystical entity: the Angel Sorcerer.

The Sorcerer Angel, guardian of the Overrealm, draws its prodigious powers from a sacred artifact: the Egg of the Overrealm. This divine object, whose essence is linked to the very heart of the sky, is the inexhaustible source of energy that animates the creatures that populate these idyllic skies.

The Higher Realm Egg rests safely in an aerial sanctuary, suspended above the clouds, where the Sorcerer Angel watches over it with infinite devotion. The fire dragons, whose dazzling flames illuminate the firmament, are the faithful allies of the Sorcerer Angel and participate in the defense of the precious Egg.

In the depths of the earth, where shadows stretch and creeping creatures lurk, lurks a secret few dare to reveal: the Egg of the Monster to Come. This mysterious artifact, whose fate is linked to a cosmic event of unheard-of magnitude, belongs to a red-haired witch queen, known as Lysandra.

Lysandra, ruler of the depths and mistress of subterranean creatures, is a complex being, torn between the forces of good and evil. Its power grows daily, fueled by the energy of the Egg of the Monster to Come, which rests at the heart of its underground kingdom, in a secret sanctuary guarded by fearsome monsters.

The caves and caverns that stretch underground are the domain of Lysandra and her countless crawling minions. Serpents, giant spiders and other creatures of darkness obey his will and roam the dark halls of his kingdom, ready to do his bidding.

The War of the Moons, an impending conflict between mythological figures around the world, looms on the horizon, and Lysandra, aware of the importance of the Monster's Egg to Come, prepares her armies for this apocalyptic battle. In the depths of her kingdom, she hatches plans and forges alliances, determined to play a crucial role in the outcome of this war.

At the heart of a flourishing kingdom, where men live in harmony with nature, stands a majestic castle, home of a wise and benevolent queen. This sovereign, known as Eléonore, is the holder of an artifact of unparalleled power: the Egg of Wisdom.

The Egg of Wisdom, a gift from the gods to this queen of men, gives her the strength to influence events and guide her people with clairvoyance. Under her rule, peace and prosperity have flooded the lands, and the people of her kingdom revere her as a true protector.

However, the winds of war are blowing over the world, and Eléonore knows that the time for peace is coming to an end. Aware of the importance of the Egg of Wisdom and the stakes of the coming war, the queen of men prepares to lead her troops into battle.

In the depths of the castle, the forges are running at full capacity, creating weapons and armor for the brave soldiers who stand ready to defend their sovereign. The echoes of hammering metal echo day and night as craftsmen work to equip troops for battle.

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