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Advanced Fashion Systems

Advanced Fashion Systems

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The Technology Agency for Fashion and Luxury Brands

Through Innovation we enhance your creativity

A global project

Our offer for companies in the luxury sector is distinguished by combining cutting-edge technologies, such as generative AI, NFTs, blockchain, NFCs and 3D printing, to create exceptional products and offer new services. We encourage collaboration between multiple brands and hot artists, to spark creativity and broaden horizons for all parties involved. This collaborative approach makes it possible to explore new ideas and create unique experiences for consumers.

A disruptive product

Leveraging generative AI, we craft unique and personalized designs, while NFTs and blockchain ensure authenticity and rights protection associated with the product. 3D printing and innovative surface treatments guarantee unparalleled manufacturing quality for reduced series sizes.

A New Market

We are exploring a new market by allowing consumers to directly acquire NFTs in cryptocurrency and subsequently receive the corresponding physical product. We also place particular emphasis on the animation and commitment of the brand community through the project.

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